When To Print vs. Export

If you're unsure which leads should be exported and which should be printed, keep reading. 


  • All data leads should be exported for the most accurate and complete lead information. This includes all direct mail leads that clearly state "without image" in the title, internet lead types and social media lead types.

  • All other direct mail leads should be printed as their most complete information was filled out by hand on paper.

How to Export Leads:

  1. Log into your ILC account. 

  2. Click on “Manage Leads”.

  3. Use the "Filter" option  if you haven't purchased leads in the past 7 days.

  4. Here you can also filter by state, county, status, lead type, start date, and end date. Once you filter on any of these click on search and the leads will populate based on your entered dataset.

  5. Click on the "Export" icon to export the leads that have been selected.  

  6. To download the mailer template of the selected leads you will have to click on the "Template" icon. 

  7. This check box will allow you to select all the leads that are on the page page. 

        8. You can also change the quantity shown on the “Manage Leads” page in the bottom right corner.