What are Real-Time Leads? A way for agents to place a standing order for Internet Leads which are delivered to them as they come in. These leads remain exclusive to the agent indefinitely.

What is the cost per lead? These leads are $9 a piece billed in a daily batch.

What type of leads can I buy? Instant Internet Life Leads only at this time. 

How are leads delivered? In real-time as they are created, leads are delivered to the ILC account for the requested agent. Notifications are sent out about new leads delivered every 15 minutes via email.

How does the billing work? At the time the order is placed, a hold will be placed on your account for the full balance of leads requested. Each day as leads are delivered, they’re billed to your account, and a new hold for the remainder of the balance minus leads delivered is placed on your account. 

Are there any credit allowances? Yes, the following stipulations apply; duplicates, disconnected phone numbers. 

Can I buy leads for someone on my team? Yes, you can set up a campaign and assign that to another agent. You will be billed and they will receive the leads. 

Can I turn the campaign off at any time? Yes, you can activate or deactivate a campaign at any time. *Please note that the current billing cycle is Monday through Monday so if you shut off your campaign on Friday, your hold will be lifted/released on Monday. 

Anything else I need to know? 

  1. Please make sure that each campaign is named UNIQUELY. No 2 campaigns can be named the same but 2 campaigns can target the same geography. 

  2. You can set a daily cap of leads delivered based on how many you request per week. 

  3. Campaigns can be state and county or as far down as zip codes. *Please see limits per state/county/zip on the order page.

  4. Lead filter into “LIFE INSURANCE (REALTIME LEAD)” as the lead type for filtering purposes.